computer simulation.

Layer and pore pressure assessment and prediction in the rock massif using numerical modeling

A method for estimating and predicting abnormal layer and pore pressure during drilling of oil and gas wells using finite element method is elaborated. Utilizing simulated stress-strain state of a real model of a massif it is shown the qualitative agreement of results with theoretical calculations. We identified evaluation and prediction of pore and layer pressures and reservoir in the rock massif.

Computer simulation of an autonomous contra-rotating wind turbine taking into account parameter differences and wind rotor work conditions

The work of an autonomous contra-rotating vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT), which uses a special device, i.e. a rotary transformer, has been examined in the article. The latter performs two functions: contactless transmission of generated electric energy from the moving armature of synchronous generator with permanent magnets and automatic control of VAWT electrical load. To construct the quasi-optimal control system, the estimator of average wind speed, which covers two wind rotors, was developed.