computer terminology

Correlation of synonyms and variants in the modern computer terminology

The functioning of synonymy and variability in computer terminology have been examined in the article. Types of synonymous pairs and variant forms have been analyzed, the character of the synonymous relations between the terms of this branch have been reviewed. The investigation enables to reveal the peculiarities of the synonymy and variability in modern computer terminology, to follow the development tendency of these phenomenon, and contributes to the observation of ways and means of normalization of synonymous terms and variants.

Somatic metaphor in railway terminology

The article deals with lexical-genetic characteristics of modern computer terminology. Te branch (computer) terminology is divided into three thematic groups with lexical-semantic subgroups. One can trace the origin, formation and present functioning of terminological units. The analysis of computer terms from the viewpoint of their origin helps to identify the main patterns and trends of their development as well as organize and unify modern computer terminology.