Logical structure of thinking in scientific research "Essay Of logic" by Stepan Baley

The scientific heritage of the Ukrainian scientist S. Baley is investigated in the field of the
logic. The structure, problems and terminology of the textbook "Essay of Logic" by S. Baley
are analyzed.In the references the author's styleis unchanged with the knowledge that this is
not about the style and grammar, but about the formation and development of the logic in
Ukrainian science.

Стандартизація назв хімічних елементів, понять, термінів та визначень хімії – нагальне завдання сьогодення

Проаналізовано Державний стандарт “Елементи хімічні, речовини прості. Терміни
та визначення основних понять. Умовні позначення (ДСТУ 2439-94)”. Запропоновано
змінити українську назву хімічного елемента із символом “Hg” і залишити традиційні
українські назви трьох хімічних елементів (F, S, Ni). Рекомендовано ввести у
держстандарт поняття: “Нуклони”, “Нуклонне число”, “Протонне число”, “Молекула,
“Атомна одиниця маси”, “Атомна маса хімічного елемента”, “Молекулярна маса

Concepts of firmness and balancing in marketing logistics

Concepts of firmness and balancing are considered. Place of firmness and balancing in marketing logistics is defined.
The authors have come to the conclusion that the system which is considered stable for any moment is not
necessarily simultaneously balanced. According to the integrated continuum of logistics development intensity
and marketing concepts balancing of marketing logistics have a place in social and ethical marketing concept.
Firmness of marketing logistics can be observed in any point of continuum if situation is constant for a long time.

Method analyzing the investment attractiveness

It the role of investment in ensuring economic development. The features of the impact
of investment on the success of the operation entities. The expediency of attracting investment
enterprises to ensure their economic prosperity. The properties of the process of investing in
the company and found that one of the main parameters that determine the success of this
procedure is the level of investment attractiveness of this company. The existing interpretation
of the essence of the concept of “attractiveness” and formed their own understanding of this

Essence of modern financial and economic stability of business economics

We consider the basic criteria characteristics concept of financial and economic stability
of post-industrial economic type. Analyzed factors and factors of influence on the financial and
economic stability of modern businesses, taking them into account existing systems and models
in the management of sustainable development of enterprises.
Generalized and systematized problematic aspects in the subject field of knowledge, as
reflected in research on this topic. Particular emphasis on the lack of conformity with the real

Accounting reality as a subject of institutional research

The existing approaches to understanding of essence of an accounting reality in
conditions of use of the concept of constraint multialternativeness have been analyzed. Analysis
of objective selection tools accounted for in accordance with the terms of the company. Argued
that the existence of differences between accounting and economic reality makes it necessary
inclusion of objects accounting components that allow to compensate for this difference.
Reveals the level of interconnection of methodological principles for financial and