Global trends in the development of the wheat and corn market and the determination of Ukraine’s place in it

The article examines global trends in the production and export of wheat and corn. Trends that are formed in the world grain market strongly depend on a number of factors, the most important of which are: the sustainable economic development of the country as a whole, in particular the level of development of the agrarian sector of the economy, geopolitical (conflicts in the political arena, wars), demographic (rapid growth of the population in world) changes in the world.

Resource Potential for Biogas Production in Ukraine

The organic waste was evaluated to be used for the biogas production in compliance with an acute need to reduce the consumption of traditional energy resources. The possibility of using organic waste (corn, straw, branches, fallen leaves, potato peelings) for the biogas production was experimentally confirmed. The influence of the initial fractions size and the temperature on the biogas yield has been studied. The yield of biogas produced from potato peelings was found to be the highest one.