Legal nature of corporate rights

The article deals with the problems of the legal nature of corporate relations. Several approaches to the scope of corporate law and corporate legal relations are investigated, namely: there is the theory of “complex legal relationships”; the theory of “business relationship” and the theory according to which, corporate legal relationships are a kind of civilian. Proved the expediency of classification by subjects, while paying attention to the fact that all relations are relations regarding participation in the community.


The content of cost criteria in managing the processes of capitalization of corporations,
the content of the formalized financial statements of indicators, their value orientation and the
disclosure of characteristics of indicators and indicators in the systems and models of the
created value of the enterprise are considered. The possibilities of integration of tools for
measuring cost parameters and traditional indicators of financial (corporate) reporting are

Peculiarities of the formation of groups of related enterprises in Ukraine and their manageme

The basic legal and economic principles for the formation of groups of related companies
as business system in Ukraine have been analyzed. It was found out that the modern group of
related enterprises have complex multilevels organizational structure, as each of the
participants of the economic entity (each company) can have both an extensive network of
structural subdivisions (branches and representative offices), subsidiaries and participate in
joint activities. This group of companies determined that for business diversification and