Peculiarities of the formation of groups of related enterprises in Ukraine and their manageme


Lytvynenko N.O.

The basic legal and economic principles for the formation of groups of related companies
as business system in Ukraine have been analyzed. It was found out that the modern group of
related enterprises have complex multilevels organizational structure, as each of the
participants of the economic entity (each company) can have both an extensive network of
structural subdivisions (branches and representative offices), subsidiaries and participate in
joint activities. This group of companies determined that for business diversification and
capital it is necessary to organically combine different types of economic activity.
A characteristic feature of groups of interconnected companies is several levels of management,
not only within the group but also directly at the level of each individual entity included in its
composition. In the group of related companies at least three levels of government may exist where
each individual group member is divided into sub-levels depending on the legal requirements for the
formation of management. The first (lowest) level of complex hierarchical structure of interconnected
entities is a separate unit of the company or joint activity without establishing a legal entity. The
second is the entity itself. The third level can impersonate an entity that hasa controlling interest in
the company, which is the second element of the complex organizational structure of interrelated
economic enterprises or business association.
The above mentioned number of levels of controlling groups of related companies is minimal
because multilevel structure of each of the management structures is possible.
The results of theoretical research areprerequisites for the development of improving
practical framework for effective management of the processes of distribution and redistribution of resources within groups and associations of enterprises by organizinga
rational system of accounting and reporting.