customs clearance

Features of Cargoes Customs Clearance Under the “Customs Warehouse” Regime

The essence and features of the customs regime “customs warehouse” in modern conditions of foreign economic activity are investigated. The sequence of stages of customs clearance of goods in the customs regime “customs warehouse” is clarified. The problems of “customs warehouses” and the peculiarities of placing goods in the customs warehouse, as well as the peculiarities of storage of goods, the permissible terms of their storage and the list of necessary documentation are analyzed.

Risks of foreign economic activity: features and management methods these

At the current stage of development of the Ukrainian economy within the framework of international cooperation, an important aspect of functioning organisation is the awareness and education of both employees of the risk management department and all staff in the field of risk management that arise in the process of foreign trade operations. After all, timely response to a risk situation or to prevent the emergence of risks in foreign economic activities reduces potential losses in the future.