Dynamics of the world government reaction to cyber threats: lessons for Ukraine

The article analyzes the dynamics of the world government reaction to cyber threats and the ways the public administration provides information security of Ukraine under systematic cyber threats. Taking into account the experience of the world’s leading countries in managing counteraction to cyber threats, and, from the point of view of systems analysis, the ways to improve information security of Ukraine are outlined.

The scientific heritage of Norbert Wiener, the founder of cybernetics

The scientific heritage of the outstanding American scientist, the founder of cybernetics Norbert Wiener is considered in the article. The basic stages of the life path of Norbert Wiener are given. In 2019, 125 years will be celebrated since his birth and 55 years since his death. All his life, Norbert Wiener has devoted himself to scientific work at such prominent scientific centers as Harvard University, Cornell University, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and other.