cyberphysical system

Principle of construction of cyberphysical system of control of work of the smart greenhouse

A cyberphysical system is a mechanism that is controlled or tracked by computer algorithms and is closely linked to the Internet and interaction with the physical world. The system describes a combination of three main components: the physical world, the software algorithm and the Internet.

Mass Measures With Coded Remote Access for Cyber-Physical Systems

The aspects of design and operation of information measuring subsystem of Cyber-Physical System of coke and chemical plant are considered. This subsystem of mass parameters definition, based on industrial internet, provides coded remote access aiming at the execution of both weighing and verification metrological operations by using an embedded multivalued mass measure. To ensure the quality and reproducibility of Cyber-Physical System a remote access on the basis of TCP/IP protocol to balances was studied and developed.

Wireless Sensor-actuator Network Based on the Soc Esp8266 for Mobile Cyber-Physical Systems

The problem of wireless sensor-actuator network design as a part of the mobile cyber-physical system is considered. The ways of implementation of the wireless connections scheme are analyzed. The network structure and algorithms of its operation are proposed. The design of the sensor and actuator nodes based on the wireless SoC ESP8266 is presented.

Features of classification and use of telecommunication interfaces in cyberphysical systems

This paper describes the features of the use of standard interfaces for information exchange in cyber-physical systems (CFS). Two classification criterias for telecommunication interfaces was proposed – the intensity of information exchange and the distance between the components of CFS. Based on these criterias 9 classes of telecommunication interfaces were identified. It is recommended to use standard fieldbus technologies, especially industrial Ethernet.

Concept of usage of modified block ciphers in telecommunications environments of cyberphysical systems

This research work proposes concept of usage of modified block ciphers combining with widely used security methods. The proposed concept is based on the analysis of peculiarities of functioning and characteristics of telecommunications environments of cyberphysical systems. Peculiarities of usage of the newly introduced cryptography method on the basis of static and dynamic inclusion of masking symbols are overviewed.