cylindrical shell

Stressed and strained state of layered cylindrical shell under local convective heating

The stress-strain state of a layered composite cylindrical shell under local heating by the environment due to convective heat exchange has been studied.  The equation of the six-modal theory of thermoelasticity and the two-dimensional equation of thermal conductivity of inhomogeneous anisotropic shells are used for this purpose.  The solution of the nonstationary heat transfer problem and the quasi-static thermoelasticity problem for a finite hinged orthogonally reinforced shell of symmetric structure is found by the methods of integral Fourier and Laplace transforms.  Numerical results ar

Functionally gradient isotropic cylindrical shell locally heated by heat sources

The stress-strain state of a functionally gradient isotropic thin circular cylindrical shell under local heating by a flat heat source has been investigated.  For this purpose, a mathematical model of the classical theory of inhomogeneous shells has been used.  A two-dimensional heat equation is derived under the condition of a linear dependence of the temperature on the transverse coordinate.  The solutions of the non-stationary heat conduction problem and the quasi-static thermoelasticity problem for a finite closed cylindrical pivotally supported shell have been obtained by means of meth

On the calculation of thermoelastic processes in a cylindrical shell with local heat sources

A quasistatic problem of thermoelasticity for a yielding cylindrical finite-length shell under the action of axially symmetric heat sources in a wide range of heating modes is solved. The numerical calculation of the temperature fields, the ring forces and the bending moments for the values of the time at which they reach the maximal levels is carried out. The influence of the shear degree is studied.