Ways of improving civil law and procedure in contemporary conditions of legal transformations

The process of changes in legislation is influenced by international global processes, including the unification of legal systems and families, which individuality was previously absolute, the possibility of implementing the legislation of one national legal system into the system of foreign law was not allowed. Therefore, the transformation of social relations directly determines and characterizes both the specifics of the emergence and overcoming of social conflicts, and requires a rethinking of the means of overcoming them.

On the notion of subsidiary liability: historically legal aspect

Subsidiary liability lies in place within the obligations that are complicated with the numerosity of individuals, it lies in place together with a partial and solidary liability. Despite the fact there exist a range of thoughts in a science of civil law on the absence of subsidiary liability, such an idea seems to be an absurd as to the fact it unables to separate liability of a major debtor from liability of a subsidiary one.

Remediation of the debtor as legal proceedings in bankruptcy

The article studies the nature of the debtor's insolvency as the recovery of measures
undertaken to prevent the fact of bankruptcy and immediately eliminate it during the
proceedings in the bankruptcy case. The focus of the judicial procedure is in improving
financial-economic situation of the debtor, the satisfaction in full or in part, the claims of
creditors by restructuring the company, debts and assets and / or changes in the legal and
production structure of the debtor