Експериментальні дослідження деформативності фрагментів монолітного перекриття з трубчастими вставками і суцільного перекриття

Methods and results of experimental studies deformation of fragments of monolithic reinforced concrete floor are posted: solid brand DF-1; inserts with transverse marks DF-2; mark DF-3 with longitudinal inserts. Overall dimensions of test samples were the same length 2.05 m, width and height section 355x180 mm. Tested prototypes of two concentrated forces, measuring the deformation of the normal sections in the area of pure bending in 3 inclined sections between the supports and lumped forces and deflections general.

Теоретичні дослідження міцності металевих комбінованих шпренгельних систем

The work is dedicated to improving the methodology of calculation of regulation of the stress-strain state of metal trussing statically indeterminate composite structures. When searching for project management considers the problem of lowest mass systems with given geometry and material designs make rods. Problem calculating the regulation of the stress-strained state of the system is reduced to the solution structures in a deformed state by a system of equations and statics, and those efforts.