девіантна поведінка

Family in the system of risks of legal socialization

The tasks of the theory of legal socialization include the study of the holistic process of personality formation. The solution of this problem is complicated by the need to understand the problems and risks of legal socialization and the need to further development of sound recommendations for their prevention and overcoming. The concept of risk is multifaceted. The problem of risks is now widely discussed in scientific circles in assessing international, economic, social, legal, financial and other areas of government activity.

Механізм детермінації девіантної поведінки дитини

Подано науково-теоретичний огляд вітчизняних і зарубіжних досліджень щодо
проблеми формування агресії та девіацій поведінки у дитячому середовищі. Розглянуто
психологічні особливості деструктивної поведінки та її характеристик з позиції
психології, соціології та кримінально-правових наук. Розкрито механізми формування
протиправних дій, а також проаналізовано вплив девіацій на формування особистості.
Проаналізовано соціальні відхилення поведінки особистості, які формуються під
впливом соціальних інститутів, а також теорії причин виникнення відхилень.

Problem deviations in the legal system socio-cultural changes

On the basis of a thorough analysis of scientific papers highlighted the problem of deviations in the legal system of social and cultural change. It was found that the phenomenon of deviance ambivalent nature and can mean both negative and positive social change. In the scientific literature rejection divided into primary and secondary. Those terms that society is negligible, considered primary, and subjects who commits them, do not qualify as devianta because they do not violate social norms.

Philosophical concept of deviance (end of ХІХ – mid ХХ century)

The article outlines the main areas of research deviance as a social phenomenon in philosophical and legal context. Tracked the evolution of human behavior in the philosophical and legal discourse. Investigated that deviant behavior from the time of the emergence of a society always represented a danger to social stability, endanger the lives of people, societies, was considered undesirable, and a society trying to prevent and, if possible, block unwanted forms of human life.

Problem deviant personality: history and philosophy social and legal analysis

Article to parse problem of deviant personality in historical-philosophical, social and legal context. Proved that the problem of correcting deviant personality which finds particular criminal behavior are inextricably linked to historical-philosophical, social and philosophical analysis of human nature, personality, causes of deviant behavior, as well as the content and form of correction. Historical and philosophical analysis generally showed that European philosophical experience includes various interpretation of these phenomena and processes.