driving conditions

Change of drivers functional condition while moving along highways of different technical categories

The article analyzes the influence of a human factor on road safety and the main methods of its research. The main indicators of the functional state of the drivers, which most accurately illustrate the change in the neuro-emotional stress while operating the vehicle in different road conditions, are determined. The regularities of changing the functional state of the drivers who were driving the vehicle along different categories of roads were established.

Changing of the bus driver`s functional state in city conditions

The functioning of a modern city is impossible without a proper mode of public transport and its network. Parameters of this transport system influence on the functionality of all supply chain links, training specialists, ensuring proper communication between parts of the city, the level of traffic safety, etc. At the same time, all these figures depend also on bus drivers and their work. This is due to the fact that this “human factor” influences on the proper functioning of the public transport system.