Earth remote sensing

Field scale computer modeling of soil moisture with dynamic nudging assimilation algorithm

Soil moisture analysis is widely used in numerous practical cases, from weather forecasts to precise agriculture.  Recently, availability of moisture data increased due to the rapid development of satellite image processing.  However, satellite retrievals mostly provide low-resolution surface data.  In this study, we attempt to retrieve surface soil moisture on the field scale using a decomposition algorithm.  Furthermore, we add a mathematical model based on Richards equation to evaluate soil moisture in the root zone.  To combine the results of both models, we employ a nudging data assimi

Usage of the Earth remote sensing data for the assessment of surface water area dynamics on the basis of Iziaslav district of Khmelnytsky region, Ukraine

It’s been established that the problem of disappearing of open water body and the use of Earth remote sensing data for their monitoring is relevant and poorly covered in current Ukrainian and foreign scientific studies. The necessity of complex solution method has been also determined. The purpose of this paper is to study the dynamics of surface water area over a 45-year period (over a long period of time) across  the Iziaslav district of Khmelnytsky on the  basis  of  programming analysis of satellite imagery and the results from field surveys at key research sites.