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The Problems of Small and Medium-sized Business in the Convention of the Covid-19 Pandemic: the European Dimension

An important role in the development of economic systems of the world’s leading countries is played by small and medium-sized businesses, which are the basis of the economy, create GDP, are a significant source of budget replenishment, provide the largest number of jobs. In the conditions of open economy it is important to compare the national economy with European and world countries, to define strategies that will set the vector of development of a competitive country and ensure accelerated economic growth.


The modular modular architecture is currently actively used in construction since it has many advantages over traditional construction. This type of design simplifies and speeds up the process of creating not only social housing, but also campuses and hospitals when there is an epidemic and you need to quickly provide patients with wards, or get out of the housing crisis during the economic crisis. In addition to being practical, it is much cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Nowaday Trends in Gold Pricing Under the COVID-19 Pandemic

This article analyzes the dynamics of gold yield for the period 2010 — 2020 in the world market in general and in Ukraine in particular. The problems of economic consequences of the pandemic impact (COVID-19) on certain aspects of the financial and monetary system of Ukraine and the leading countries of the world are studied in detail. The role of gold as a financial asset in retrospect and at the present stage of development of the world economy is studied.

Spain as a Permanent Invited Participant of G-20 (2009-2017)

Spain’s aspirations to increase its role in continental and global integration processes in the context of financial crisis and reconfiguration of international power centers are discussed in the article. It is revealed that the informal representative forum the G20 is an essential element of the system of global management of economic processes. The main purpose of this article is to evaluate of participation of Spain as a permanent invitee of the G20.