educational institution


The XXI century is a period of fierce competition for material and technical resources, which is a rapid development of innovative technologies and teaching methods. Therefore, the main task for high-quality education today is to create modern multifunctional institutions where people of different ages could get knowledge. The organic combination of educational, scientific and innovative activities in the extracurricular educational process will allow people in educational institutions to master the modern methodology of performing research work.

Implementation of the right to education of internal transful persons

The article examines the problems of implementing the right to education of children who are internally displaced persons. The analysis of legislative acts of Ukraine in the realization of the right to education of internally displaced persons is carried out. The scope of problems faced by IDPs and territorial communities in the realization of the right to education is outlined.

Ways of solving problems of graduates on the labour market: interaction of educational institutions and employers

The necessity of interaction between educational institutions and employers at the present stage of labor market development is substantiated. There is presented the scheme which describes advantages of such interaction for both educational institutions and employers. The scheme is directed at establishing mutually beneficial cooperation between them.