effective and dynamic porosity

Lithologic, petrophysical and oil recovery properties of reservoir rocks in pakerort horizon and deymenask series of the Baltic sea oil area

According to the results of litho-petrographic investigations the rock reservoirs discovered by Lyzhiay-1 (2129 m), Vezhaiciay-11 (2046,8 m ) boreholes were formed under the coastal-marine conditions, and discovered by the Lyzhiay-1 (2127,6 m) borehole they were formed under the sea shelf conditions. Matrix of the rocks is characterized by high reservoir properties: permeability (taking into consideration the Klinkenberg effect) changes from 0,1×10-15 м2 to 80,1×10-15 м2 and open porosity changes from  4,1 to 13,3 %.