electromechanical system

Individual Drive of Internal Combustion Engine Lubrication System Based on Switched Reluctance Motor

The article analyses the modern lubrication systems for internal combustion engines. Systems with mechanical drive components that contain mechanical and electronic components have been found to have a number of disadvantages. In particular, when the internal combustion engine is started cold, when the viscosity of the oil is high, the hydrodynamic resistance characteristic rises sharply, which leads to high pressure at low speeds and the drive requires low pump speeds.

Construction of Open-Loop Electromechanical System Fundamental Matrix and Its Application for Calculation of State Variables Transients

The article considers the methods of calculating the transition matrix of a dynamic system, which is based on the transient matrix representation by the matrix exponent and on the use of the system signal graph. The advantages of the transition matrix calculating using a signal graph are shown. The application of these methods to find the transition matrix demonstrated on the simple electromechanical system example.

Robust Stability of Fractional Electromechanical Systems

The engineering methodology for determining robust stability for electromechanical systems (EMS), described by fractional order models, has been developed in this paper. Dynamic EMS described by transfer functions with fractional characteristic polynomial with three terms, have been investigated. The stability of such systems has been analysed by means of applying Riemann complex plane.

Genetic Algorithm Application for Synthesis and Analysis of Electromechanical Systems

One of modern possible problem solutions of analysis and synthesis in electromechanical systems is the recourse to a genetic algorithm as a method of artificial intelligence. The originality of the proposed approach lies in the usage of fractional order models to solve the above-mentioned problem. The quality function is proposed to be used in the developed algorithms for analysis and synthesis procedures of electromechanical systems. It is also proposed to get the desired outcome of results deviation from the set values by means of quality function control after each iteration.