electronic commerce

The Formation of Digital Business Factors

The article is concerned with identifying and studying factors affecting digital business formation and development process in order to form tools for affecting the digital business. The novelty of this research paper is establishing causes increasing the volume of digital business and the dependence of its growth rate on the existing factors.


The article is dedicated to features of the electronic business definition. Any types of interactions between electronic market subjects with modern information technologies usage form a multicomponent concept of “electronic business”. The main purpose of this interaction is to generate revenue through the digital capabilities of the network. Electronic business should be considered as an entrepreneurial activity using modern information and communication technologies for profit.

Innovative development in the field of electronic business

This paper concerns itself with innovative development in the field of electronic business and commerce, elaborating on theoretical concepts and their specific application. main factors influencing new developments in electronic commerce are defined. Proposed innovative development approches are based on analysis of domestic and foreign electronic commerce best practices. Specific proposals are put forth to improve managerial decision-making effectiveness pertaining to general oversight and human resource management.