embedded systems

Improving Code Compression for Arm Cortex M Microcontrollers Using Pre- Filtering

For last decades code size is no longer a concern except small embedded systems. ARM Cortex M is a typical microcontroller architecture of such systems. A simple yet effective approach based on pre- filtering Thumb2 binary code is proposed to improve code compression by the general purpose Deflate algorithm. It transforms BL (branch and link) instructions pointing to the same effective address before compression, and restores original opcodes after decompression.


A justified hybrid multilevel approach to IoT infrastructure implementation is set to facilitate the achievement of a scalable IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure, incorporating integration into cloud technologies and services. The localization of hardware-software traffic management means at the lower level of the IoT infrastructure, close to data collection devices, ensures the generation of control influences in real-time, and relieves communication channels at the higher levels of the IoT infrastructure architecture.

Embedded Systems Multimedia Framework for Microcontroller Devices

The presented  paper attempts to establish a generalized approach to the development of embedded systems multimedia applications. It is formalized in the form of a framework that defines rules and recommenda- tions for a developer on how to implement specific pieces of software that work with multimedia data. The basis for the development process is the division of the system’s func- tionality into stages with the following development of each stage. The framework also defines how touch sensor events may be elaborated.