energy spectrum

Modeling of optimized cascade of quantum cascade detector operating in far infrared range

Using the theory for electron energy spectrum and oscillator strengths of inter-subband quantum transitions, developed in the model of position-dependent effective mass and rectangular potentials, the geometrical design for the compact cascade of a quantum cascade detector (with a two-well active region) operating in far infrared range is proposed.  The extractor of the cascade is optimized in such a way that the energy steps of its phonon ladder resonate with optical phonon energy, providing effective phonon-assisted tunneling of electrons between the active regions of  cascades.  It is sh


Hidden defects can turn into obvious defects and characteristics of electronic elements become inappropriate. Therefore, the techniques of non-destructive diagnostics of inner structure state are of great importance. One of these techniques is the diagnostics of electronics by their own noise, which advantageously differs by low time consuming and absence of the risk of damage of the element under investigation. Noise measurements are capable to detect the defects in a material with a sensitivity that cannot be reached by other methods.

Impact of the investigated system’s state on the equivalent measurements dispersion

This paper presents the results of equivalent measurements of electrical resistance of two identical resistive coils. It is suggested that the difference between the RMS of investigated coils is formed as result of their non-equilibrium states. The energy spectrum of resistance fluctuations of investigated coils and the frequency range within which the energy spectrum changes unsignificantly, are determined. 

Flicker-noise spectroscopy method

Method of determining the processes that take place inside the investigated system is presented here. Method is based on the analysis of energy spectrum of investigated system own noises. Using energy spectrum of own noises that is experimentally found it is calculated the constant of system relaxation time τ. Processes that take place inside the system affect the value of τ. Analysis of values of the constant of relaxation time gives the possibility to obtain the information about the character of inner processes.