An outstanding philosophical and legal work (to the 200th anniversary of the publication of hegel's «philosophy of law»)

The article analyzes the role and place in the history of philosophical and legal thought of the published work «Philosophy of Law» by the German thinker G.V.F. Hegel. Written 200 years ago, it is considered to be one of the most profound and relevant works in which Hegel creatively based on his dialectical and philosophical method and methodology analyzes the complex processes in the socio-political, legal, economic, moral, psychological and religious life of civil society and the state.

The concept of family in agrarian law of Ukraine

The article deals with the urgent issues of agrarian law development in Ukraine. The author analyzes the formation of the concept of family in agrarian law of Ukraine. Particular attention is paid to the study of the concept of family in various scientific schools, including philosophical and civil. The purpose of the article is to analyze the formation of the concept of family in agrarian law of independent Ukraine, in particular in the activities of farms.

Family in the system of risks of legal socialization

The tasks of the theory of legal socialization include the study of the holistic process of personality formation. The solution of this problem is complicated by the need to understand the problems and risks of legal socialization and the need to further development of sound recommendations for their prevention and overcoming. The concept of risk is multifaceted. The problem of risks is now widely discussed in scientific circles in assessing international, economic, social, legal, financial and other areas of government activity.

Domestic violence and its administrative and tortorious characteristics

Protection of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of a person and a citizen, its inviolability is enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine. Observance and security of the inviolability of a person, as well as protection from physical, psychological violations, compliance with proper material conditions, is provided by the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention and Combating of Domestic Violence”, as well as the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses (Article 173-2) and other regulations.

Characteristics of persons who commit domestic violence

The article defines “violent crime committed in the area of family relations” as interpersonal family conflict to be solved with the use of criminal and illegal power or influence of information to a family member that is a threat to the person causing physical and (or) mental harm . Species characteristics that distinguish this kind of other violent crimes, the author notes the presence of conflict between family members, it is difficult solved the contradictions that exist objectively or imaginary, and in their resolution lead to the use of violent means of influence.

Changes methodological approaches to understanding concept of “family” and “marriage” in the practice of the european court of human rights

The article investigates sociological, legal, value and deontic approach to comprehension the content of phenomenons, concept of which denote of the terms “family” and “marriage”. From the position of these approaches traced the transformation of semantic content of categories that are considered in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights.

Modern idea of the human’s right on marriage and family according to international standards

In the article there are characterized the main international standards of the human’s right on marriage and family. There is presented the modern Orthodox Church position according to this question. Also there is presented a comparison analysis of the Orthodox Church interpretation of the human’s right on marriage and family with international acts (standards).