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Coil-Uncoiled Chain Transition of Polyethylene Oxide Solutions under Convergent Flow

The coil-uncoiled chain transition under convergent flow of polyethylene oxide aqueous solutions has been studied. The possibility of this transition has been confirmed by the experiments. The fields of velocities and their gradients arising at the entrance of a small capillary during the convergent flow have been examined. It was found that water-polyethylene oxide system under convergent flow and certain flow regimes is self-regulating one with a negative feedback.

Influence of Chromium Content in Tempering Steels on Phase Transition Temperature A1 and A3.

For the three species of quenched and tempered steel (C50, 50Cr3, 51Cr6) dilatometric studies were conducted. They allowed the determination of transition temperatures Ac1 and Ac3 during heating and Ar3 and Ar1 during cooling. It was observed that increased the chromium content in steels tested resulted in an increase in transition temperature for heating and cooling. It was also observed narrow range of temperature from the beginning to the end of the transition with increasing chromium content.

Термічна стійкість композиційних теплоакумулюючих матеріалів на основі органічних сполук

The results of the research of thermal stability of the composite thermal energy storage materials based on organic compounds are presented. Наведено результати дослідження термічної стійкості композиційних теплоаку- мулюючих матеріалів на основі органічних сполук.