filter reactor

Sizing filter reactors for industrial electrical grids

Most modern industrial electrical grids are characterized by a significant content of nonlinear loads, creating many operation problems. Power harmonic filters are one of the most effective ways of reducing voltage distortion in electrical grids. The use of power filters solves two main concerns - to reduce the input current harmonic distortion of the power supply system and compensate for the reactive power of loads. As a rule, the sizing nominal parameters of filter circuits is carried out by the power supply system characteristics in stationary (steady) operating condition.

Overvoltages on Power Filters under Energizing Industrial Power System Transformer

The practice of operating industrial power supply systems containing filter circuits has shown that filter tuning can have a significant impact on filter performance. On the basis of simulations of a real power supply system carried out by the Matlab / Simulink package, the results of a study of the impact of filter manufacturing tolerances on the filter transients under transformer energizing are presented. The most severe transients are observed for filter circuits in the power supply systems of electric arc furnaces due to frequently repeated operating energizing furnace transformers.