Adsorption of Cadmium Ions from Aqueous Solutions on Modified Sorbents

Some new modified sorbents based on opoka from Astrakhan region were obtained. A comparative study of the sorption of cadmium ions on the surfaces of the sorbents was made. Also the static adsorption isotherm of substances from aqueous solutions was studied. The change of enthalpy, isobaric-isothermal potential and entropy of sorption and kinetics of cadmium ions sorption from water solutions were calculated. The results of the study can be used for the water purification from cadmium ions

Technological and ecological aspects of the practical application of quaternary ammonium salts in production of synthetic emulsion rubbers in Russia

In the review physical and chemical aspects and technological parameters of the rubbers production processes from industrial latex with application of ammonium halogenides, tetraalkylammonium salts, poly-(N,N-dimethyl-2-oxypropyleneammonium) chloride, poly-N,N-dimethyl-N,N-diallylammonium chloride, and his copolymer with SO2 are considered. A significant ecological effect of polymeric flocculants application is shown.