The role of fundraising in the context of expanding sources of financing for the initiatives of domestic business entities: international experience and peculiarities of implementation in the wartime

During the last eight years, since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, some volunteer organizations that were created to help the Ukrainian army were able not only to expand  their activities, but also to transform into charitable organizations with a defined management structure and areas of activity. In order to ensure the effective functioning of such entities, it is necessary to attract constantly financial resources, in particular, for medium- and long-term planning of their work. Fundraising is one of the ways to accumulate resources, particularly financial.

Accounting and Analytical Support of Fundraising Operations in Organizations of Non-profit Sector of the Economy

In the modern world, organizations that have based their activities not on economic but social benefits are becoming more widespread. Non- governmental non-profit organizations bring together individuals and/or entities for meeting economic, public, social, cultural, environmental and other interests, needs for political will, religious service, etc. Such organizations are usually not commercially active, so finding sources of funding or fundraising is an important component of their business activity.

Marketing communications as a necessary prerequisite for efficient work of a philharmony

The purpose of the article is to summarize the peculiarities of marketing communications in the field of culture and arts and philharmonic in particular, to consider the financial component of the activities of the philharmonic and to propose measures for its improvement. Analyze modern creative means and tools of communication marketing and adapt them for activities of philharmonic. The article investigates that organizations of the sphere of culture and arts and philharmonic society, in particular, operate in conditions of instability, great competition and uncertainty.