Accounting and Analytical Support of Fundraising Operations in Organizations of Non-profit Sector of the Economy

: pp. 91 - 101
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

In the modern world, organizations that have based their activities not on economic but social benefits are becoming more widespread. Non- governmental non-profit organizations bring together individuals and/or entities for meeting economic, public, social, cultural, environmental and other interests, needs for political will, religious service, etc. Such organizations are usually not commercially active, so finding sources of funding or fundraising is an important component of their business activity. Different types of funding sources and different approaches to attracting such funding can be applied to each type of non- governmental non-profit organization. Accounting of such funding and the cost of its finding is the core of transparent activity of these organizations and reflection of the results of their work. The purpose of the research is to explore the accounting and analytical support for the implementation of fundraising in non-governmental non-profit organizations. The article describes the concept of fundraising as an activity of finding and raising funds for the realization of social functions by non-governmental non-profit organizations. Types of non-governmental non-profit organizations in Ukraine and abroad are investigated, methods of fundraising implementation are disclosed. The nomenclature of expenses on fundraising, the procedure for recognizing such expenses and reflection in accounting of non- governmental non-profit organizations are defined. The location of the cost of searching funding in the transaction costs of the organization is determined.

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