gas release

Prediction of Thermophysical Characteristics of Fuel Rods Based on Calculations

The paper analyzes operating conditions, thermophysical characteristics were calculated as applied to WWER-1000 fuel rods in a four-year cycle for unified core. The paper gives a summary of models for calculating gas release, pressure of gases within fuel rod cladding, fuel swelling and thermal conductivity, fuel-cladding gap conductance. The thermophysical condition of fuels in a reactor core is one of the main factors that determine their serviceability.

Determination of the Conditions for Carbon Materials Oxidation with Carbon Monoxide Formation at High Temperatures

In this paper, the influence of carbon material type, temperature and oxygen concentration in gas mixture on the processes of carbon monoxide formation in production of the electrodes by graphitization was explored experimentally. Specific quantity of gas formed for a definite time, reduced to mass unit of carbon loading using pitch, packing materials and charge mixture of industrial use, was calculated. It is demonstrated that pitch provides the highest rate of carbon oxidation with the release of CO and substantially exceeds packing materials and charge mixture for this index.