geodynamic process

Reflection of the Eastern Carpatians tectonic in thermal field

Heat flow density changes from 35-40 mW/m2 in the south-western part of East-European Craton and the Carpathian foredeep to 50-60 mW/m2 in the Outer Carpathians and to 80-120 mW/m2 in the Pannonian basin. Several levels of thermal field reflect main stages of tectonic evolution and feature of lithosphere structure. High heat flow anomaly was created by Cenozoic geodynamic processes related to collision of the European plate and Alcape microplate.

Geodynamics and peculiarity of seismotectonjc processes of Beregovo horst zone (Transcarpathians)

Complete picture of geodynamic and seismotectonic processes in Beregovo seismic zone of the Transcarpathians was reproduced on the basis of results of complex analysis of geological, geomorphological. geodetis. geophysical and seismological data.