GNSS time series

Impact of non-tidal atmospheric loading on civil engineering structures

The paper analyzes the vertical displacements of the GNSS sites of civil engineering structures caused by non-tidal atmospheric loading (NTAL). The object of the study is the Dnister Hydroelectric Power Plant №1 (HPP-1) and its GNSS monitoring network. The initial data are the RINEX-files of 14 GNSS stations of the Dnister HPP-1 and 8 permanent GNSS stations within a radius of 100 km, the NTAL model downloaded from the repository of German Research Centre for Geosciences GFZ for 2019-2021, and materials on the geological structure of the object.

Method for detecting short-term displacements of the Earth's surface by statistical analysis of GNSS time series

Short-term geodynamic displacements of the Earth's surface are studied insufficiently because the unambiguous identification of such geodynamic processes is quite a difficult task. Short-term geodynamic processes can be observed by considering GNSS time series lasting up to 2 months. The coordinate displacements are visually almost unnoticeable comparing annual time series. In this work, an algorithm based on the results of statistical analysis of time series of several GNSS stations on purpose to find simultaneous displacements of the Earth's surface is developed.