hydrodynamic field

Coil-Uncoiled Chain Transition of Polyethylene Oxide Solutions under Convergent Flow

The coil-uncoiled chain transition under convergent flow of polyethylene oxide aqueous solutions has been studied. The possibility of this transition has been confirmed by the experiments. The fields of velocities and their gradients arising at the entrance of a small capillary during the convergent flow have been examined. It was found that water-polyethylene oxide system under convergent flow and certain flow regimes is self-regulating one with a negative feedback.

Maxwell fluid flow in system supplying hydrodynamically active polymer to boundary layer of streamlined object

The article presents the results of the numerical simulation of the Maxwell fluid flow in the system supplying hydrodynamically active polymer in the boundary layer of a streamlined object.  The case of slow flow is considered.  In this case, the inertial terms can be neglected, the velocities, stresses, and stream functions can be written as the decomposition by Weisenberg number, and we can assume that the Weissenberg number is less than one.

Hydrocutting of Frozen Food Products

The article aims to determine the peculiarities of macromolecule deformation behavior under conditions of a jet-shaping head that would allow to solve the issue related to the mechanism of increasing water-jet cutting power with polymer additions. The roles of longitudinal and transverse velocity gradients in the manifestation of distinctive features of polymer solution flows are analysed.