image analysis

Mobile Information System for Human Nutrition Control

It is acknowledged that each person's life, group of people and nation is formed depending on geographical, economic, political, cultural and religious conditions. Lifestyle is formed as a result of daily repetition and consists of the following factors: nutrition, exercise, the presence of bad habits, moral and spiritual development, and so on. In recent decades, lifestyle has been considered an integral part of well-being, leading to increased research. According to the scientist's study, more than half of health problems are related to diet.

A Software Service for the Garbage Type Recognition Based on the Mobile Computing Devices With Graphical Data Input

The article describes problems of determining the type and automatic sorting of household waste using mobile computing devices. All of the required hardware and partially software, required for implementation of this service, are already present in modern smartphones.

Aphrons obtained from different nonionic surfactants: properties and filtration loss evaluation

Aphrons were produced using nonionic surfactants by applying a differential pressure. Bubble size distribution was obtained from optical microscopy using FIJI-ImageJ2 program. The aim of this work was to correlate surfactants structures with aphrons properties (density and viscosity), size distribution and the number of bubbles. API fluid loss tests were based on standard proceedings specifications for water-based drilling fluids of Petrobras/Brazil.