A virtual device  for  assessing  the presence of heavy metals  in vegetables  is developed within  the LabVIEW systems  engineering  software.  The  quality  of  vegetable  juice  with  heavy  metals  contamination  is  studied  in  the  immitance-measuring way. Device  consists of  the  capacitive  transducer  (a  conductivity  cell  filled with  investigated  fluid – vegetable  juice with various additives), USB-6009 unit, connected to a computer with the full-speed USB interface.

Study of electrophysical parameters of oil liquids in an electromagnet field

Reviewed the main methods of using essential oils in aromatherapy, medicine, food and pharmaceutical industries. Formulated the concept of quality essential oils that covers their effectiveness and harmlessness. Found factors that affect the main warehouse oils and factors, that depends on the content of individual substances in essential oils. Set forth basic indicators of the quality of essential oils and the conditions of getting from plants. Described the such problem of the quality of essential oils as falsification.