інвестиційна діяльність

Theoretical aspects of accreditation of branches and representatives of foreign legal entities in the territory of Ukraine

The theoretical aspects of the accreditation of branches and representative offices of foreign legal entities on the territory of Ukraine in the system of investment and legal policy are considered. Accreditation of branches and representative offices of foreign legal entities in the field of investment activity as an institution of public law is analyzed from the position of the national in foreign legislation.


The article proves that the domestic practice of implementing the concept of depreciation
policy Ukraine is ineffective. This justifies the need to rethink and improve the concept of
depreciation policy of Ukraine. The results of a comprehensive and systematic analysis of and
ways to improve the effectiveness of the investment potential tax depreciation policy as part of
the concept of strengthening the impact of taxation on investment activity author developed the

Budgeting in the management of enterprise capital investment actvity

In a highly competitive market enterprises, to increase production and sales, have to invest heavily in the development of stock capital. They make major construction, reconstruction, modernization, purchase and create their own noncurrent assets and other tangible and intangible fixed assets. Such activity of the company is referred to as the activity of capital investment. Its effective operation requires system management on the principles of autonomy and commercialization.

Ecological and economic principles of recreational activity implementation in scopes of the Nature Reserve Fund of Ukraine

The approaches to the natural resources economic assessment as the starting point for arranging  recreational  activities  within  nature  reserve  fund  territories  are  considered.  In addition, the  ecological  and economic  interdependencies that  are  taken  as the basis  for the complex assessment of commercial and environmental potential of recreation activities have to be researched. The article contains the author definitions of particular processes and notions that occur in the recreational environment of the nature reserve fund. 

Innovative investment type of economics as a condition for its effective functioning

The necessity of the national economy transition to the innovative way of development is substantiated. The main characteristics of such a transition are presented. The experience of foreign countries and the advantages from introduction of  innovations  at  an  enterprise are generalized. The interrelation and interaction of investments and innovations are determined. The importance and place of investments in the innovative-type state are proven.