investment strategy


In this research paper authors investigate the important component of enterprise stable operating activity, namely the investment strategies elaboration. As the high level of company competitiveness turns to be the necessary precondition for its stable operating, the impact of investment decisions on company’s competitiveness level is analyzed. The competitiveness of enterprises requires the organization to product such goods and services that will meet the changing consumer demand for quality and price, which in turn requires regular technical and technological upgrading.

Management of investment flows іn Ukrainian economy

The paper considers the investment process from the point of national capital renewal in the system of strategically important markets of goods and services. The mechanisms and tools of investment flows management in the national economy in conditions of system crisis are proposed. It is proposed to manage just the reproductive processes according to the tendencies discovered by the author and concerning the transition of the national investment system from attracting new capital to reinvestment of enterprises profits in the real sector of the economy.