legal influence

Legal restrictions are a specific method of legal regulation

Abstract. The analysis of scientific sources provides grounds to assert that legal regulation is the regulation of social relations carried out through law and the entire set of legal means. The concept of "regulation" (from Latin regulo - rule) implies organization, adjustment, and bringing something into conformity with something else. In our view, to regulate means to define the behavior of individuals and their collectives, to direct their functioning and development, to provide certain limits, and to organize them purposefully.

Doctrine approaches to the disclousure of the concept of “Legal regulation”

Abstract. The establishment and maintenance of social order is an unconditional asset of civilization, an indicator of the civilized development of society. One of the valuable manifestations of the characteristic signs of the effectiveness of law in society is the appropriate legal order, which is achieved by means of influence, regulation, and provision. However, there is no doubt about the thesis that the valuable manifestation of regulation is a sign of stable social development.

Legal prevention in the context of a wide and understanding understanding

The article deals with the consideration of theoretical approaches to the definition of legal prevention in the context of broad and narrow understanding. Various scientific approaches to the definition of the term legal prevention in terms of criminal, criminal procedural, civil, administrative, labor law have been investigated. The essence of the concept of legal prevention as prevention, prevention and all the basic aspects related to the legal regulation of the legal phenomenon under investigation are revealed.