Human rights in the context of the postomoderial legal review

Natural-legal  concepts  characterize  human  rights  as  the  manifestation  of  the  values  of 
human  existence  and  the manifestation  of  objective  needs. However,  one  should  not ignore  the 
fact  that  the  understanding  of  the  genesis  and  essence  of  human  rights  was  evaluated 
extensively  on  the  basis  of  two  anti-ethical  positions,  and  positivist  approach  to  the 
understanding  of  human  rights  was  a  certain  antipode.  Under  the  conditions  of  the  legitimate 

Historical-philosophical aspects of legal consciousness formation

This paper deals with the problem of the human I becoming in particular historicalphilosophical and philosophical-juridical aspects. Person’s consciousness formation is analyzed through the prism of constituting our subjectivity by means of learning cultural and spiritual heritage of previous epochs. The role and the place of innovative principles is shown in structuring psychical reality of a human being. The attempt is made to prove indivisibility and mutual dependency of principles of reproductive intellectual and productive creative activities.