living environment


The article considers aspects of the perception of space from the standpoint of gender, and their impact on the formation of a quality living environment. The results of a sociological study are presented, which indicate the existence of differences in the requirements for the formation of the urban environment of housing and the assessment of its qualities by men and women. 


Domestic violence and its administrative and tortorious characteristics

Protection of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of a person and a citizen, its inviolability is enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine. Observance and security of the inviolability of a person, as well as protection from physical, psychological violations, compliance with proper material conditions, is provided by the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention and Combating of Domestic Violence”, as well as the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses (Article 173-2) and other regulations.

Rational formalization of law theoretical determination and practical dimensions

This article studies the connection between law and rights in the context of regulations. It concentates on the relationship of man and source of law, as well as the problem of dialectical connection with legal acts on the basis of interrelation, real impact on the society of positive and natural law. It accentuates the problem of representation and protection of human rights and responsibilities as objective phenomena in the law, as well as the problem of improvement of the legal form of modern social relations, its optimality, efficiency and reliability.