Roman Ingarden on Ontological and Formal Meaning of Propositions. (Foreword to the Ukrainian Translation of Roman Ingarden’s work “Critical Remarks on Positivist Logic”).

For the first time, the work “Critical Remarks on Positivist Logic” by the famous Polish philosopher Roman Ingarden (1893–1970), whose researches in the field of ontology, phenomenology and aesthetics have significant achievements in the world philosophy, is translated into the Ukrainian. In addition, he conducted research in such areas as linguistics and logic. But these, so to speak, applied studies of language and logic were, in one way or another, connected with his ontological and realistic-phenomenological views.

The Dependence of China Belt and Road Initiative Efficiency to the Level of Logistics Infrastructure Development

The article analyzes the peculiarities of the impact of logistics infrastructure on the effectiveness of project implementation. The role of LPI as an indicator of infrastructure development, investment opportunities and its peculiarities are highlighted. The regional peculiarity of logistics development with the help of LPI is outlined. Abilities for Belt and Road initiative where analyzed and emphasized the status of logistics practice in the Asian countries, which are involved into the project.

Trends and development prospects self storage

The article highlights one of the new directions in organizing warehouses in Ukraine – individual storage warehouses. The characteristic self storage market in the USА, Europe and Ukraine. Considered range of services and pricing and held structuring and segmentation consumption. outlines the prospects for its development.

The simulation modeling of external and inner logistic of medical institution

The logistics aspects of medical institution have been considered. Approach’s classification of simulation model’s creation of inner and external logistics has been formed. The medical institution’s simulation model of inner and external logistics structuring has been realized. The parameters’ of simulation model’s forming have been determined. The two fundamentally different approaches to simulation model’s forming according to specific character of posed tasks have been suggested. The scheme of receiving, transformation and data’s output for simulation model’s creation was developed.

From cold logistics to cold supply chains

A number of questions concerning the development of cold logistics and the specificity of cold chain supply have been outlined. The topicality of implementation of advanced technologies and consolidation of all the members of cold chain supply which will allow to provide quality performance of logistical operations in cold chain supply has been defined. For investigation results it has been defined that the main problem of cold chain supply is the preservation of temperature condition.

The project bases of Ukrainian transport infrastructure development

The article formed the project bases of Ukrainian transport infrastructure. The critical overview of present and promising projects on the development of major Ukrainian transport industry sectors are provided. In particular, it detects the problems inherent in automobile, railway, shipping and aviation industry sectors, as well as in road and transport system in general. The role of international financial institutions such as EBRD and IBRD in funding various infrastructural projects is outlined and their detailed characteristics are provided.

Organization of activities in the structure of logistics enterprises value chain

The questions of organization of enterprises activities management within value chain basen on logistics are investigated in the article. The structure and framework model of the management system of enterprise logistic activities are identified and suggested.

Factors of logistics development at the present stage of market transformations

The article substantiates the necessity of studying and systematizing the factors which influence development of logistics in Ukraine. The results of research into external factors having impact on the development of logistics allowing for globalization, internationalization and integration in all spheres of social life are exposed. A generalized ordering of the most significant factors influencing the logistics development is performed.