long radius nozzle

Algorithm for Defining the Amount of Energy Transferred by Dry Saturated Steam

The algorithm for determining the amount of energy transferred by the dry saturated steam has been developed. The steam flow rate is measured by means of the differential pressure method with application of a standard long radius nozzle of a high-ratio type and a low-ratio type. The equations for determining the thermodynamic temperature of dry saturated steam when measuring its absolute pressure was applied together with the equations for determining the absolute pressure of dry saturated steam when measuring its thermodynamic temperature.

Algorithm for Calculating Flowrate of Fluid Energy Carrier for Flowmeter Based on Standard Long Radius Nozzle

New equation and algorithm are developed for non-iterative calculating flowrate of fluid energy carrier for pressure differential flowmeter based on long radius nozzle. This equation implicitly contains three build-in iterative cycles for calculating flowrate. According to the results of comparing the flowrate values obtained by developed non-iterative algorithm to the flowrate values by standard iterative algorithm, the authors found that the developed non-iterative algorithm ensures the accuracy of flowrate calculation specified by the requirements of DSTU GOST 8.586.5:2009.