mathematical expectation

The principle of creating a "smart" electricity meter in electric traction networks with stochastic electromagnetic processes

Voltage and current are sharply variable random (stochastic) processes in traction networks of DC electric transport systems. As a result, electronic and hybrid electricity meters used in electric systems measure electric power with a large relative error that significantly exceeds that of their accuracy class. In this paper the principle of developing smart meters for accounting the electricity transmitted from traction substations to electric rolling stock through a traction network is proposed.

Use adaptive ontology during modeling the Boyd loop

This paper deals with the model of Boyd loop developed on the basis of Moore automaton. The states of the machine are represented by phases of Boyd loop, by ontology editing process and by search of relevant information in the ontology. Possible transitions between states of the machine parameters have been determined and thus transmitted. The fabricated machine serves as the basis for building tactical units DAFU by DSS commanders