The research on matrix of press-form stiffness and steadiness

The formalized algorithm of calculation of rectangular matrix of press-form is developed on durability and inflexibility with the purpose of determination of optimum geometrical sizes which would provide it optimum operating capacity. For this purpose CAD and CAE systems were used, in particular Solidwork,  Matcad. А three-dimensional model of the mold matrix was designed. Research and analysis of the stress-strain state of the matrix was carried out and its optimal parameters were determined.

Forming the complex mechanism for state administration in the field of social formation and development of young people

The essence of the concept of “complex mechanism for state administration” is found. The model of interaction between state, society and youth is presented. The matrix of complex mechanism in the field of social formation and development of young people is developed.

Principles of Cyber-Physical Systems Construction for the Needs of Crops Cultivation

On the basis of the hierarchical structure of a typical cyber-physical system and main stages of crops cultivation, the list of the subsystems necessary for the creation of such a system is considered. The structures and recommendations for these systems are expounded, and the generalized structural scheme of the given cyber-physical system is described issuing from the four main objects of the research: seeding material, soil, intermediate harvest benefits, harvesting, stocking or primary processing.

Provision of Data Visualization Process of Open Systems Environment

The article describes the features of the process of displaying data presented in matrix form on the plane. Analysis of known methods of data visualization that showed a lack of mechanisms from the correct data displays presented by matrices with the provision of visualization criteria was conducted. Considering this fact, the following methods were proposed: the display of ID tags; modelling between vertex distance and the location of tops in terms of ease of perception and evaluation.