Microprocessor Subsystem of the Smart House to Control the Multichannel Irrigation of the Room Plants

This article develops the principles of building an intelligent home microprocessor subsystem to control the multi-channel irrigation of houseplants. The relevance of this topic has also been substantiated. Currently, there is a small number of devices in demand with a comfortable user interface and timer, which allows to adjust the watering at any time of day. The advantages over other available analogs and the need to create a customized system have been investigated.

Weather station for monitoring the microclimate in the room on Arduino platform

In this project was shown approaches to the implementation of a weather station for monitoring the microclimate in the room on Arduino platform. Considered a platform for project development and software environment. The virtual scheme of the weather station is modeled. The main functions of the components are described and their connection to the microcontroller is shown. The process of firmware of the microcontroller is considered. The algorithm of system operation is described. A functional electrical diagram were also constructed.

Microprocessor With Tagged Registers Realizing parallelism

A RISC microprocessor architecture that realiz es a specific method of parallelism including the instruction level parallelism has been considered. The processor has been provided for 4-bit data type tag in each register of the register file. There are 14 data type tag values. The zero data type tag indicates that the register is free, otherwise it is busy. The destination register inherits the data type tag from the first source register. After an operation the data type tags in the source registers maybe either zeroed, or may remain unchanged for further usage.