Problems of preservation and display of artillery of the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries in museums

Today in Ukraine sciences like museology and weaponology are being actively developed, military history of our country is greatly popularized. There is a growing interest, especially among young people, in military museums and weapon museum collections, which causes the need to reform museum exhibitions of weapons relatively to challenges of our time taking into account the latest technological capabilities and consumer needs. 

Medieval archeological sites in Sudoviy Vyshni in Lviv region: history and prospects

One of the best studied monuments of X–XI centuries. in the Eastern Carpathian region is in settlement Zamchysko, which occupies the edge of a high ridge on the western outskirts of town Sudova Vyshnia. The article analyzes the process of scientific research of the results of archaeological investigations 1956–1962 biennium of archaeological monuments of town Sudova Vyshnia in court in Lviv, and the fate of archaeological findings obtained in research on these monuments famous Ukrainian archaeologist Olexii Ratycz.

Hakivnytsi of the Lviv History Museum: issues of attribution

In the article it is analysed the collection of the hook-bat weapon of the L’viv historical museum, the time and the sources of formation of giving collection. The formation of museum collections of the firearm is the most important element of the museologyand military history. The problems of the history of firearm and its museum collections are very important nowadays. But unfortunately, it has not been explored enough yet. The reason for it is insufficient level of the development of Weapons Science and Museum Science in our country.