national culture

Application of the “smart power” by the soviet authorities in strengthening public cooperation between the Ukrainian SSR and the French Republic

In the article, the preparation and conduction of the Ukrainian exhibition by the Soviet leaders at the Marseille Fair is researched. The management experience in achieving objectives by the Ukrainian Soviet authorities is studied. Specific proposals on the effectiveness of public cooperation between Ukraine and the French Republic are given.

Formation the national idea as a basis for prevention of development of corruption in ukrainian society

The article analyzed the concept of national idea as the basis for the formation of national identity, and a factor preventing the development of corruption in Ukraine. The author substantiated that the national idea — a strategic goal, which is formed historically and aims to unite the country into a single nation, forms a single coordinate of values.

The Versatility of Ivan Levynsky’s Cultural Heritage

Attention is paid to the issues of the historical and cultural heritage of prominent figures of the Ukrainian past, its influence on cultural and socio-economic changes, transformational and processes of modernization in Ukraine, and to the formation of a distinctive national socio-cultural space in the modern conditions of Ukrainian state-building, growth of national consciousness and the manifestation of Ukrainian identity.