natural laws

Concept of human rights in the philosophy and legal discussion of antitetic positions

Theoretical understanding and philosophical comprehension of all legal phenomena
began with the traditional division of the right to positive and natural, so they are considered
as certain antipodes in the general consciousness, which, however, are the most practical and
significant types of legal thinking. We managed to trace the fact that it was the intensive
development of humanistic ideas in the context of new political and economic trends that led to
the emergence of the doctrine of “natural human rights”. Increasingly, among the general

The problems of ontologically legal tenets

This paper investigates the ontological and legal dogma, their content and praxeological philosophical and legal projects in regulatory action. The main idea is the influence of the spiritual dimension of the physical implementation of the tenets of human action. Separately researched every form of implementation - compliance, performance, use, application. Particular attention is given to the application of the tenets of the theoretical and philosophical significance. Also considered and acts of metaphysical meaning.