Characteristics of System Construction and Implementation of Cryptographic Algorithm Aes

Within investigation of AES-standard usage two software modules were implemented. These realizations include visualization tools, full implementation of algorithms for encryption and decryption according to AES standard, means for detailed logging of encryption changes to have possibilities see intermediate results data. Also application programming interface capabilities has been used to generate keys. The use of object-oriented programming allows understand the problem deeper as well as get the best way to solve it more clearly and therefore in more effective way.

Concept of usage of modified block ciphers in telecommunications environments of cyberphysical systems

This research work proposes concept of usage of modified block ciphers combining with widely used security methods. The proposed concept is based on the analysis of peculiarities of functioning and characteristics of telecommunications environments of cyberphysical systems. Peculiarities of usage of the newly introduced cryptography method on the basis of static and dynamic inclusion of masking symbols are overviewed.