nonlinear differential equations

Differential equations of a nonlinear multipolar element

A method for forming nonlinear diffe­rential equations of a multipololar element, which connect its independent pole currents and independent polar voltages, is proposed. The difficulty of the analysis is that some of the internal and external unknowns may be under the symbol of differentiation. The starting infor­mation for this formation is the common differential equations of the system of internal and external currents and voltages.

Nnumerical parametric synthesis of the interresonance vibroshock system

The article solves the task of numeral self-reactance synthesis of the interresonance vibroshock system by calculation of the systems of nonlinear differential equations, with the calculation of the maximal value of acceleration of working mass and with limitation of the system own frequencies. The comparative estimation of the harmonious and synthesized vibroshock system is carried out taking into account limits on the motion of swaying masses, in particular on the system achievement of the necessary technological indexes and with providing its drive functioning.