object-oriented programming

Математичне моделювання та аналіз деформаційно-релаксаційного стану в деревині у процесі сушіння

The article develops a mathematical model of non-isothermal moisture transfer and viscoelastic deformation of wood during drying, which takes into account the anisotropy and variability of heat-mechanic characteristics. By finite element method was formulated by the implementation of mathematical models for viscoelasticity with regard to the accumulation of irreversible deformation. By object-oriented analysis is designed and implemented software implementation model in the form of documented classes.

Analysis of efficiency of the aspect-oriented implementation for providing maintenance of client-server architecture system

In this article an aspect-oriented programming is considered as a software engineering method for providing maintenance of client-server software systems. The results of redesign system from object-oriented to aspect-oriented by separation of cross-cutting functionality are shown. The relevant code metrics are used to compare object-oriented and aspect-oriented implementations of the system. There have been detected the most and the least effective aspect-oriented implementations of functionality of the client-server system.